Get Set for Gen-AI Success

Get Set for Gen-AI Success

June 22, 2023

Generative AI is undoubtedly the hottest topic in tech right now. But while there’s plenty of talk about its potential and a scramble to adopt new technologies, organizations should first ask themselves: Are we ready to embrace it? Do we have the right strategy, procedures and processes in place for success? Are we confident that it delivers value and builds trust rather than erodes it? What are the all-important human dynamics to be aware of?In this session, PwC brings together three experts from three different parts of its business, to go beyond the hype surrounding generative AI and explore practical perspectives to help capitalize on this opportunity. Sharing insights from working across the C-suite and with a wide range of organizations and industries, you’ll uncover approaches and actions to help you to set the foundations for success.

This panel discussion took place at AI Summit London 2023 and features:


Maria Axente, Lead, Responsible AI and AI for Good, at PwC U.K.  


Leigh Bates, Partner, Data & Analytics Lead, FSI & Risk, PwC U.K. 

Warren Tucker, Partner, Cloud & Digital Lead, PwC U.K. 

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