AI marketing tools are reducing companies’ needs to hire humans

Study: Small businesses comfortable with AI adoption adapted to the ‘Great Resignation.’

October 6, 2022

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Study: Small businesses comfortable with AI adoption adapted to the ‘Great Resignation.’

Increasing numbers of small businesses are turning to AI-enabled marketing tools instead of hiring marketers, according to a study.

Compiled by software firm Unbounce, the report suggests that the so-called ‘Great Resignation’ has put pressure on growing firms to attract and retain marketing people.

The study found that 95% of AI adopters haven’t had to hire additional employees, instead leveraging their AI investment to fulfill marketing needs.

“The majority of businesses are comfortable giving up some control to AI and believe it will help them add significant value to their businesses over the coming years,” said Pete Housley, CMO of Unbounce.

“AI adopters are already seeing meaningful benefits directly attributed to AI including saving time, increasing sales and filling specific marketing talent gaps.”

Unbounce’s State of AI Marketing for Small Business Report asked more than 400 small business executives in the U.S. and Canada about their adoption, benefits and familiarity with AI marketing software and tools.

The study found that almost half the companies blame the Great Resignation for causing staffing difficulties in their respective marketing departments. Almost one-third of the companies are using AI tools to cope with the staffing shortage and limited budgets.

Around 97% of AI users are saving time in the execution of marketing tasks. Almost half the businesses predict that innovative marketing roles will evolve from AI adoption.

AI software has helped small businesses increase their revenues by accelerating their revenue growth and leads. Growing companies that have adopted AI spend less money on digital marketing than those that haven’t invested in AI.

“The insights from our study uncover the enormous challenges small businesses continue to face in their endeavors to grow, and the increasing opportunity AI provides in closing their time and talent gaps,” said Housley.

“AI will not replace marketers, but it will be infused into marketing tools and software to make us more efficient and enhance our creativity and decision-making,” said Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of the Marketing AI Institute.

“AI solutions can be found across every area of marketing, specifically for data-driven and repetitive tasks, and where predictions are being made about outcomes and human behavior,” Roetzer added.

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