Applied Intelligence Live! Austin: Editor’s Picks

Panels for your consideration at this AI, IoT and quantum computing summit

Deborah Yao, Editor

August 2, 2023

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Man speaking before a crowd at The AI Summit Austin

AI is eating the world − paraphrasing the famous 2011 saying by Silicon Valley VC and Napster co-founder Marc Andreesen.

In that vein, I would like to invite readers to attend Applied Intelligence Live! Austin, which is our conference showcasing the crossover of AI, Internet of Things and quantum computing in one event. It will be held on Sept. 20-21 in Austin, Texas.

Here are my picks of sessions worth your consideration. They include one I am moderating on AI enterprise use cases featuring executives from Wayfair, Citigroup and Shell.

Day 1: Wednesday, September 20

Trend vs. Transformation: ChatGPT's Relationship with the Enterprise

Location: Headliners Stage | Time: 9:30 am

Many see Generative AI solutions like ChatGPT as historic moments of technological marvel while others see it as something far less impactful. This session will dive into the debate and cut through the noise.


Jay Boisseau, Ph.D., Executive Director & Founder - Austin Forum on Technology & Society

Miguel Paredes, VP, AI & Data Science - Albertsons

AI Bill of Rights: Governance and Ethics

Location: Scaling AI Stage | Time: 1:25 pm

How can users and organizations put guardrails around AI models and systems to ensure they are secure, fair and trustworthy?


Seth Dobrin, Distinguished leader in artificial intelligence (AI)

William Barry Ph.D., Emerging Technologies and Cybersecurity SME, Army - United States Department of Defense

Coran Darling, AI & Data Analytics - DLA Piper US LLP

Day 2

Delving into Various Use Cases for Generative AI

Location: Applied Intelligence Applications | Time: 10:30 am

Explore the use cases for Generative AI in various industries especially in traditionally data-driven verticals such as financial services and e-commerce, among others.


Deborah Yao, Editor - AI Business

Graham Ganssle, Head of Data Science: Sales & Customer Service - Wayfair

Pratik Gautam, Vice President/ Lead Technical Product Manager - Citigroup

Srimoyee Bhattacharya, Senior Data Scientist - Shell

How Enterprises Can Best Leverage Large Language Models

Location: Applied Intelligence Applications | Time: 1:25 pm

A look at the best large language models to use for enterprises. What is the low-hanging fruit companies can tackle first using LLMs and chatbots built atop them? How can enterprises ensure their proprietary, sensitive data remains safe?


Vivekpandian Veerapandian, Senior Data Scientist - Forbes

AI Business reported live from Applied Intelligence Live! Austin last year, including making some keynotes available on-demand. Catch-up here.

AI Business readers can get 20% off passes for the 2023 event with the code AIBUSINESS20.

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