Deloitte Teams Up with Google Cloud, Nvidia in AI Push

Deloitte's consumer insights service is now on Google Cloud and it is also expanding its strategic alliance with Nvidia

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

August 24, 2023

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At a Glance

  • Deloitte's consumer analytics suite is on Google Cloud, easing access to AI models for getting insights from customer data.
  • Deloitte also partnered with Nvidia to offer an Ambassador AI program to help clients on their AI journey.

Deloitte is tapping Google Cloud’s suite of data, analytics and generative AI tools to enhance its consumer insights solution.

Called ConvergeCONSUMER, Deloitte’s service takes a wide swath of consumer signals to predict customer behavior, make more accurate demand forecasts, improve supply chains and tailor customer experiences. A mixture of third-party and propriety datasets gives users insights into selling patterns.

As part of what the pair describe as a 'co-innovation initiative,' Deloitte said ConvergeCONSUMER is now on Google Cloud, enabling users to access the tech giant’s AI and data analytics capabilities. This combination will help users make decisions faster, more quickly develop generative AI services like chatbots and improve business insights.

ConvergeCONSUMER, combined with Google’s Vertex AI platform, enables users to more easily build and train machine learning models to provide insights on customer data. It now integrates Google Cloud's Generative AI App Builder and Generative AI Studio so users can build generative AI-powered offerings like chatbots to expedite customer inquiries. ConvergeCONSUMER also gets improved business analysis capabilities through BigQuery, Google Cloud’s data warehouse platform. Users can now view analytics in real time to accelerate time-to-value from business analysis. 

Carrie Tharp, Google Cloud's vice president of Strategic Industries, said the newly combined offering will help organizations “optimize areas that are core to their business, such as demand forecasting and supply chain performance.”

“To win in this changing market, consumer-facing companies should be more precise, granular and responsive to individual customer needs,”  said Ben Stiller, general manager and principal for ConvergeCONSUMER at Deloitte.

Separately, Deloitte also announced it is expanding its strategic partnership with Nvidia. The consulting firm will be using Nvidia's full AI stack of hardware and software to enable businesses to more easily develop generative AI solutions for cross-industry use cases.

The two also will create an 'Ambassador AI' program to help clients deploy AI using Nvidia's AI Foundations and NeMo LLM software. Businesses will be able to build new applications using Deloitte's services and Generative AI Market Incubator to "rapidly deploy proofs of concept, set up AI factories."

Deloitte will use Nvidia's AI platforms and tools to develop custom, proprietary large language models for their clients.

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