AI News Roundup: Microsoft, Capgemini Partner on Generative AI

Also - LG’s unveils new foundation model Exaone 2

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

July 21, 2023

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This week’s roundup covers Microsoft’s team-up with Capgemini to offer generative AI solutions, among other developments.

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Microsoft, Capgemini partner on generative AI

Announced at Microsoft’s annual Inspire event, the pair unveiled the Azure Intelligent App Factory, which offers an enterprise-ready suite of generative AI tools.

Included is Azure OpenAI Service, which contains access to technologies from the makers of ChatGPT, as well as GitHub Copilot, the powerful code-generation tool.

“Recent technological developments in generative AI present significant possibilities for organizations to innovate, yet still far too many AI projects never reach production,” said Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini.

Microsoft and Capgemini said the new offering “aims to accelerate getting AI investments into production by controlling the security and industry compliance requirements, especially around the handling of and access to data.”

LG updates its Exaone foundation model

LG said Exaone 2 can generate outputs based on images and text. The model can also generate text in English as well as Korean.

This latest version of Exaone, whose first iteration was unveiled in 2021, was trained on 45 million theses and patents along with 350 million images.

LG plans to offer Exaone 2 as an enterprise solution to customers in the health care and energy space. A public-facing version with limited features will be made available for free.

McKinsey is partnering with Cohere

The strategic partnership will see McKinsey offer Cohere tech for customers to integrate into their operations.

The enterprise AI capabilities can be used by the cloud provider of the client's choosing or even on-prem.

Cohere has built a platform offering generative AI services covering text and audio generation. Among its current business customers are Spotify, Oracle and Glean.

U.K. to tap ‘digital gurus’ from business

The U.K. government plans to add ‘digital gurus’ from the private sector to improve AI understanding in government departments.

Cabinet Office Minister Jeremy Quin revealed this week that experts from top tech businesses would be brought into government to help set out its AI ambitions.

The Cabinet Office is tasked with ensuring the British government runs effectively. Among its plans include developing i.AI, a unit responsible for exploring automation and innovation in government; i.AI will become a permanent civil service team following a successful trial.

Also set to be established is a data marketplace, which will be made available to third parties outside the government by 2025.

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