AI Summit Austin: Driving applications with natural language processing

Conference to foster technical understanding and navigation of the startup ecosystem.

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

September 5, 2022

2 Min Read

Featuring technical understanding and navigating the startup ecosystem.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the driving force behind many AI applications we interact with daily.

From speech recognition in digital assistants like Siri, to natural-language generation in personalized customer service scripts, NLP is becoming increasingly prevalent across the enterprise landscape.

That’s why you’ll find plenty of NLP-related sessions and opportunities at the AI Summit Austin, taking place Nov. 2-3. 

Here are some of the learning opportunities that’ll dive deeper into NLP technologies:

  • How do you navigate the vast number of solutions coming to market?

  • The benefits of partnering with start-ups to build more personalized NLP solutions for your business.

The Challenges of Language Understanding for Technical Fields

Featuring :

Tara Nair Shah, Senior Conversational Experience Designer at PayPal

  • How can we create better conversational AI within technical fields?

  • What resources and models can we make better use of? Do we face the same challenges as we do with low-resource languages?

Transforming the Banking Customer Experience by Leveraging Natural Language Processing

  • Building your NLP solutions with customer needs in mind and using customer data to determine scope.

  • Using NLP to successfully serve clients with different interaction preferences.

  • What other industries can take from these learnings and apply to their customer support.

But it’s not all NLP

The event is collocated with IoT World and the Quantum Computing Summit, meaning you'll have the chance to meet colleagues and professionals from across the industry — and the globe.


Analyst breakfast briefings

Texas Innovation Tour

Austin after hours

And more!

For more information or to participate, contact AI Business Editor Deborah Yao at [email protected].

Register for the AI Summit here.

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