Air Force Launches ChatGPT-Like Tool for Staff to Explore Generative AI

The U.S. Air Force is encouraging its staff to experiment with generative AI by launching an AI chatbot

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

June 17, 2024

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 USAF T-38 "Talon" jet in flight
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The Air Force is encouraging staff to experiment with generative AI, launching a ChatGPT-like tool to help them innovate responsibly.

Named NIPRGPT, the chatbot is designed to get Air Force staff familiar with generative AI solutions. 

Available as part of the Air Force’s Dark Saber software, users can engage NIPRGPT in human-like conversations, using it to answer questions, help assist with coding tasks and generate responses to correspondence.

“Our recent generative AI roundtables with industry and academia have shown us this is an actively growing field,” said Venice Goodwine, the Air Force’s chief information officer. “Now is the time to give our airmen and guardians the flexibility to develop the necessary skills in parallel. There are multiple modernization efforts going on right now across the federal government and within the Air Force to get tools in the hands of the workforce. This tool is another one of those efforts.”

The chatbot is provided at no additional cost to Air Force units, encouraging staff to use it.

The Air Force said it has provided access to NIPRGPT to enable real-world testing, exploring how much resources it takes to run and its security compliance

Users can provide feedback which will be used to develop governing policies for the Air Force’s use of generative AI.

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"NIPRGPT is a critical bridge to ensure we get the best tools we have into our team's hands while larger commercial tools are navigating our intense security parameters and other processes,” said Alexis Bonnell, chief information officer for the Air Force Research Laboratory. 

“Changing how we interact with unstructured knowledge is not instant perfection; we each must learn to use the tools, query and get the best results. NIPRGPT will allow airmen and guardians to explore and build skills and familiarity as more powerful tools become available."

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