Dell Expands its Generative AI Offerings to Enable Model Customization

Dell is also teaming up with Starburst to launch a combined data lakehouse solution

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

October 4, 2023

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  • Dell has unveiled a slew of new upgrades to its generative AI products including model customization and training tools.

Dell has unveiled a series of expansions to its Generative AI Solutions portfolio designed to make data usage secure.

The company added the ability for users of its Gen AI Solutions suite to customize models on property data.

The Dell Validated Design for Generative AI was built with Nvidia and offers pre-trained models that extract intelligence from data without building models from scratch.  

The solution is designed to keep information secure and on-premises and supports a range of use cases including training diffusion, transfer learning and prompt tuning. 

Dell Validated Designs for Generative AI supports infrastructure from a combination of both Dell Nvidia. It will be available globally starting in late October.

Dell also announced new Data Preparation Services designed to help clean up datasets for AI projects and Implementation Services, an operational platform for inferencing and model customization.

The company also unveiled a new training-focused endeavor to help upskill professionals on generative AI called Education Services.

“To maximize AI efforts and support workloads across public clouds, on-premises environments and at the edge, companies need a robust data foundation with the right infrastructure, software and services,” said Jeff Boudreau, chief AI officer at Dell Technologies, in a statement.

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Dell launched its generative AI solution suite in late July, to help ease adoption and deployment of full-stack generative AI in the enterprise.

New data lakehouse solution

Dell also announced its partnering with Starburst to launch a data lakehouse solution.

The solution will integrate Starburst’s analytics software with Dell’s PowerEdge compute platform. Users will be able to extract insights from data wherever it resides.

“Customers will gain easy and secure access to multi-cloud data to get the most value for analytics and AI-driven workflows and deployments,” according to Dell.

The data lakehouse solution has planned global availability in the first half of 2024.

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