No More Stick Figures: Stability AI's Doodle-to-Image Generator

If your best effort at drawing is a stick figure, Stability AI offers a free and paid solution

Deborah Yao, Editor

July 17, 2023

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Image: Stability AI

At a Glance

  • Stability AI unveils Stable Doodle, which turns your rough sketches into images.

Stability AI, one of the developers of text-to-image generator Stable Diffusion, continues to turn creators into artistic mavens.

Its latest offering is Stable Doodle, a generative AI model that turns one's rough sketches into fully fledged images. Draw anything, enter a prompt, choose a style and see it generate three versions of the image. Pick an image to download in high definition.

Inputs can be sketches that artists can turn into renderings for work.

Or it could be a rough sketch by casual users for use in personal projects.

For now, users have to draw using an online tool. However, until Stability AI offers the ability to upload sketches, one wonders what's the point of sketching online when users can just use a text-to-image generator to get similar images.

See it in action.

Stable Doodle is the latest offering from Stability AI's Clipdrop, which is an AI-powered image editing website that is free to use, albeit with limitations. It also offers a paid premium subscription as well as separate pricing for accessing its API.

Clipdrop is the creation of Init ML, a French company Stability AI acquired in March. With the acquisition, Stability integrated its latest generative AI models into the platform for creators to access. This has led to new capabilities including Reimagine and Reimagine XL that enable generation of multiple variations of an image, as well as Uncrop, an outpainting tool.

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