'AI: More Than Human' Exhibit Opens In London

'AI: More Than Human' Exhibit Opens In London

Ciarán Daly

May 16, 2019

2 Min Read

LONDON - Yesterday the Barbican opened its doors on the long-awaited exhibition, AI: More Than Human.

Part of Life Rewired, the Barbican's 2019 season exploring what it means to be human when technology is changing everything, the AI: More Than Human exhibition comprises a comprehensive collection of art and technology installations exploring AI. Billed as a 'festival-style' exhibition, it explores the history of AI and automation all the way up to real-life examples of cutting-edge AI technologies.

Partnered with The AI Summit London, the exhibition features cutting-edge research projects from organisations such as DeepMind, MIT CSAIL, IBM, Affectiva, and many more - as well as immersive work from artists, researchers and scientists. Expect to see a vast array of impressive, genre-bending examples of AI in art, from AI-powered paintings and poetry to Google's DeepDream.

"Artificial intelligence is a key marker of the zeitgeist and we are thrilled to be exploring the subject, both as a motive for scientific progress and a stimulus for creativity," said Neil McCannon, Head of Barbican International Enterprises.

"This exhibition looks at the journey to date and the potential to collaborate as we evolve together. We hope it will be an enlightening and dynamic experience, relevant to anyone invested in the future."

AI: More Than Human takes a wide-lens look at the transformative potential of AI in everything from transport and the environment to food security and scientific research. The exhibition also covers some of the most pressing ethical issues in AI today, from China's soon-to-be-launched 'social credit' system, to racial bias in facial recognition tools.

AI: More Than Human runs at the Barbican Centre until August 26. Stay tuned for our full feature review next week.

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