AI Revolutionising Recruitment

August 2, 2017

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Harver CEO, Barend Raaff

AI Business secured an exclusive interview this week with Barend Raaff, CEO of the Amsterdam based AI recruitment platform Harver. Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the world of recruitment today and Harver is leading the way by offering innovative cloud based Talent Management solutions to companies hoping to connect with the best talent and possibilities out there. Ultimately, by replacing the age old resume, Harver is transforming the way the industry works from top to bottom.

'In 5 years time, we will look back at the old analog recruitment process of today in disbelief’

Revolutionising recruitment

It’s been a couple of days since we caught up with Barend Raaff. Mr Raaff began the interview by explaining the inherent problems of recruitment today and the need for change, ‘For years’ applicants and organizations have relied on resumes and job descriptions to decide where to work and who to hire. While using the same methodologies for years, the labour market changed completely. New kinds of jobs arise and people no longer work for the same employer their entire lifetime.’

He emphasized that decisions today are based on a system which tarnishes judgment, ‘Great applicants are still rejected based on age, ethnicity or the wrong interpretation of a career path. The result is a vast amount of miss-hires, with some industries experiencing enormous employee turnover and almost all new hires leaving in the first year.’  ‘Our recruitment platform offers a new way to match talent to jobs and by offering better hiring decisions, we significantly reduce the number of people getting fired or leaving. We don’t use resumes but measure competences, personality and skills that are relevant for on the job success. By getting continuous feedback on the job performances of the applicants we selected, our platform learns what KPI’s are most predictive for success.’

Mr Raaff then described how they are driving things forward, ‘We are processing millions of applicants and continuously collecting more data on applicants, hiring decisions and on the job performance. The data sets are growing by the day and it’s our mission to use the new data and insights to make sure recruiters make the best hiring decision possible. By hiring better employees, performance will improve and the number of unsuccessful and unhappy employees will reduce.’

Prospective markets

Mr Raaff described the current market for AI based recruitment and where Harver hopes to grow; ‘We have the most clients in what we call ‘customer facing rolls’, so in retail, hospitality and call centers. We are moving to other verticals, introducing predictive hiring in healthcare, IT, education and other job families. Our goal is to enable data driven hiring decisions for any job opening.’


Harver’s vision

Mr Raaff concluded by summing up his vision of how the industry will change in the next few years, ‘Ultimately AI will dramatically improve hiring. If talent and jobs are matched in faster and more precise ways, we will have happier and more productive employees and build great organizations. In 5 years’ time, we will be looking back at the old analog recruitment process in disbelief.’

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