AI startup roundup: Digital-led sustainable construction, centralized intranets

Also - AI chips, autonomous drones, NLP-based marketing platform

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

July 12, 2022

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Also -  AI chips, autonomous drones, NLP-based marketing platform

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Funding blitz

Startup: Happeo - Finnish intranet provider. Happeo offers a 'virtual headquarters' designed to centralize information and knowledge internally

Latest funding: $26 million, series B

Lead investors:  Endeit Capital, Smartfin, Evli Growth Partners

Other investors: Inkef,, Vendep Capital

Funding plans: Happeo will use the funds to invest in its product and development teams, and further expand in North America while retaining its position in its home market of Europe.


Startup: 011h - Barcelona-based construction company focused on sustainable building using digital platforms and technology

Latest funding: $25 million, series A

Lead investors: Redalpine

Other investors: Seaya Andromeda, Breega, Aldea Ventures, Giuseppe Zocco, Foundamental, A/O Proptech

Funding plans: 011h will look to further develop its digital platform and building system as well as grow its team and partner network across its home market of Spain and wider Europe.


Startup: Rebellions - Korean AI chip developer. Rebellions are designing chips for use in data centers, autonomous vehicles and fintech

Figure 1: 3990.jpg

Latest funding: $22.8 million, series A extension

Investors: KT

Funding plans: The Korean company will continue the production of its AI chip prototype, ATOM, which is designed for cloud and data center applications.


Startup: Voyantis - Israeli developer of codeless AI platforms for use by marketing teams. The platform can predict user lifetime value through ML.

Figure 2: 3956.jpg

Latest funding: $19 million, seed round

Investors: Target Global, Square Peg, Schusterman Family Investments, Kaedan Capital, Stormbreaker, Jibe Venture

Funding plans: Voyantis will look to expand its product offerings


Startup: Wonder Robotics - Tel Aviv-based company developing technology to enable autonomous flight and landing of commercial drones.

Latest funding: $4 Million, seed round

Lead investors: Elron Ventures

Other investors: Besadno Investment Group

Funding plans:  The funds will be used to scale up operation and marketing efforts while developing technology for additional applications


Startup: WiseWorks - London-based startup using NLP to help businesses automate compliance tasks like tracking and reporting digital communications.

Figure 3: 3922.jpg

Latest funding: $1.1 million, seed round

Lead investors: Veridian Ventures

Other investors: SyndicateRoom, Istcapital, Founders Factory, R42

Funding plans: WiseWork will now look to expand its team and further develop its products.


In other news

AI consultants OpTeamizer unveil startup investment plans

Israeli AI consultancy OpTeamizer has announced plans to invest in pre-seed companies developing AI applications.

OpTeamizer said it will invest in around 10 early-stage Israeli-based startups, with each investment ranging from $50,000 to more than $300,000.

Founded in 2015 by former GE Healthcare software lead Tomer Gal, OpTeamizer has previously provided personnel training across AI, working with companies in the health care and defense sectors.

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