Artificial Solutions Launches C-Suite Grade Conversational AI

Artificial Solutions Launches C-Suite Grade Conversational AI

Ciarán Daly

April 9, 2019

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BARCELONA - Artificial Solutions, a specialist in enterprise-grade conversational AI, today announced the launch of Teneo Fusion - the latest version of the company's conversational AI development platform.

A conversational AI platform designed specifically for enterprise CIOs, Teneo Fusion promises scalable self-improving conversational AI in 35 languages and across multiple channels and use cases. On top of this, Artificial Solutions have launched Teneo Developers, which enables enterprise developers and partners to quickly build a usable iteration of Teneo for their business.

"With Teneo Fusion we continue to differentiate ourselves by delivering a conversational AI development platform that meets the needs of global enterprises," said Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. "While other conversational tools falter as soon as a business tries to scale-up their deployment, Teneo Fusion easily enables further expansion to facilitate growth through improved customer engagement."

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Among its various features, Teneo Fusion claims to deliver "three key benefits" for CIOs looking to leverage conversational AI and chatbots to deliver a competitive advantage:

Personalization - Artificial Solutions claim that Teneo Fusion is able to understand user intent regardless of syntax by asking questions to mitigate ambiguity and learn more about them. It can also retain key information for added contextualization and personalization.

Clear measures of CX - Fusion provides clear customer experience metrics using statistics, demonstrating its usefulness for considerations such as online conversions, inbound call reductions, or customer satisfaction ratings.

Customer voice analytics - collecting conversational data across languages and channels is used to deliver new insights for business, process, and CX improvements.

Teneo Fusion also promises functionality for both developers and businesses out of the box, with enhanced machine learning capabilities able to predict what users are asking for - which Artificial Solutions claim removes the need "to build the complex models that other development tools rely upon".

"Good conversational user experience demands articulate conversational flows plus knowledge and intelligent understanding," says Andy Peart, CSMO of Artificial Solutions. "The sad fact is that unlike Teneo, most of today's conversational development tools do little to match that expectation."

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