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Blue Prism and AWS join forces on cloud-based RPABlue Prism and AWS join forces on cloud-based RPA

New service called Blue Prism On Demand set to launch on AWS Marketplace in 2022

Ben Wodecki

November 16, 2021

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New service called Blue Prism On Demand set to launch on AWS Marketplace in 2022

British RPA specialist Blue Prism has entered into a multi-year strategic collaboration agreement with AWS.

As part of the deal, Blue Prism will be building SaaS tools on AWS and working together with the cloud vendor’s Intelligent Automation team. It will also tap into Amazon’s ML stack to increase the capabilities of its software robots.

"This relationship will give customers even greater access to intelligent automation solutions that can accelerate their business transformation goals," said Madhu Raman, worldwide head of intelligent automation at AWS.

"Joint customers will have an extensive portfolio of real-world automation capabilities at their fingertips, including business process improvements. Customers will also benefit from more agile and flexible cloud-based contact center solutions that combine our technologies."

On Demand

Founded in 2001, Blue Prism provides RPA software to automate operational business activities.

Earlier this year, the company confirmed its pending sale to Vista Equity, subject to regulatory approval.

Following that announcement, Blue Prism has now aligned itself with AWS in a move it claims will “create workloads supporting industry-specific use cases that drive proven customer business benefits.”

The company’s digital robots will be integrated with Amazon Connect, Transcribe, and other ML services.

Blue Prism is also set to launch an ‘On Demand’ version of its platform on AWS Marketplace in 2022.

"The collaboration with AWS will allow us to further enhance our ability to deliver intelligent automation solutions to organizations around the world seamlessly, on demand and at large or international scale,” said Terry Walby, chief executive at Blue Prism.

Sysco, a global foodservice distribution firm, has been using tools from both companies to automate the processing of inbound customer orders. It uses around 60 digital robots that collectively process 6.2 million transactions and are said to return more than 250,000 work hours to the business.

"As an AWS and Blue Prism customer, our cloud strategy was a critical lynchpin to help scale our automation initiatives,” said Kim Meredith, business technology lead, CoE at Sysco. “Automation had become a critical need almost overnight and in every area of our enterprise. It was time for us to put what we had planned and theorized into action."

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