Capgemini Launches Portfolio Of AI Solutions For Business

Ciarán Daly

January 30, 2019

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PARIS - This week, Capgemini launched Perform AI, a new portfolio of solutions and services designed to aid organizations looking to build and implement enterprise-grade AI at scale - with a key focus on the manufacturing and financial sectors, as well as customer experience.

The announcement is notable for the impact it will have on the future of AI in the workplace. Capgemini claim to have brought in expertise from across the group in order to deliver a 'complete' set of solutions for enterprises using AI.

"Most companies have already started to experiment with AI to help them transform certain functions within their business, but those that adopt it effectively and throughout the enterprise will gain true competitive advantage," said Lanny Cohen, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Capgemini.

"To realize true real-world impact and ensure sustained success, companies need to move beyond isolated initiatives to infusing AI into everything they do - from simply changing technologies to shifting the entire game. With Perform AI, we are laser-focused on applying AI to achieve mission-critical, high-business impact, resulting in tangible performance outcomes for today and in the future."

Comprised of four core components, Perform AI aims to provide businesses with flexibility needed to develop effective roadmaps for deploying AI at scale throughout an organisation. These are:

  1. AI ACTIVATE - This focuses on the strategic direction and the organization and technology platforms for where and how AI should be applied and adopted in the enterprise for maximum impact

  2. AI TRANSFORM - This aims to deliver AI-infused performance improvements to existing business processes by introducing the right AI solutions for long-term growth

  3. AI REIMAGINE - Using Capgemini's strategy and innovation capabilities, this aims to help organization envision new products and services, customer experiences, operating and business models, and revenue streams.

  4. AI ENGINEERING - Delivers foundation services to ensure the enterprise's data and governance are capable of delivering AI solutions in production and at scale.

Underpinning Perform AI is Capgemini's network of AI Centers of Excellence, currentely operational in France, Germany, North America, and India, with plans to extend in 2019.

"We have launched Perform AI to enable organizations to augment operations and potentially reinvent their business at a time when they are expected to regularly meet and exceed customers' expectations that are higher and more diverse than ever before," said Anne-Laure Thieullent, AI and Analytics Group Offer Leader for Capgemini.

"Through the application of AI technologies, our Perform AI solutions will increase the speed of execution and certainty of success for our clients' AI initiatives, which are sometimes fragmented and not exploited to their full potential."

Find out more about Perform AI here 

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