China-Britain AI Summit

China-Britain AI Summit

July 18, 2017

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Innovation drives in both China and the UK are fuelling investment and fostering commercial opportunities in the AI space across both nations. The quality of Chinese and British technologies including in research and academia are forging new export industries and attracting huge amount of investments. China-Britain AI Summit is a platform to explore new real opportunities between companies from both countries.

The China- Britain AI Summit

The China-Britain AI Summit is the leading industry led platform that showcases Chinese and British technology, investment activity, business opportunities and talent acquisition in the China-UK AI space.

The event will bring together Chinese and UK AI talent, startups, angels, VCs and application destinations with investment interests.

Taking place on Friday 22 September in London, the China-Britain AI Summit will focus on how the UK can employ its technical expertise to contribute to the Belt and Road initiative.

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Belt and Road Initiative

Back in September 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping introduced the Belt and Road Initiative(B&R) - a vast development project that aimed to establish the New Silk Road by 2030. With a total of $890 billion of investment planned, the infrastructure project intends to connect the world through interconnected (digital & physical) economic corridors stretching from Western China to Eastern Europe.

Opportunity for Investment

The opportunity for investment is vast with the initiative set to evolve into a smart highway that will carry goods, information, knowledge, services, people and information across Eurasia. For progress to gain full momentum it is axiomatic for the leading smart technologies around the world to join together in full stride.

The Chinese Government has identified AI as one of the key investment focuses to fuel growth in the region. They are committed to growing a $15bn AI market by 2020 that will bolster smart technology innovation in all its forms across the new Silk Road.

Tech giants, Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have committed billions of dollars of investment to set up AI technology laboratories.  For example, Baidu, recently committed to an AI- First future after announcing steps to cement itself among the world’s leading lights in deep learning.

UK Investment

Smart technologies powered by AI will prove a vital role in concreting the UK’s international role and relationship with the B&R nations.

The UK should look to support this project in every capacity, with technology being a major contribution going forward.

British AI technologies remain highly attractive to Chinese investors. The UK boasts 5 out of the global 25 universities in 2017, the only EU country to register in the top 25. This has created a pool of AI expertise and entrepreneurs, thirsty for capital and investment. It now just needs the right catalyst.


Founded in 2011, China-Britain Business Fusion (CBBF) is a multidisciplinary and multi-industry consultancy firm assisting British and Chinese companies. CBBF builds a one-to-one relationship with decision-makers within companies by being highly connected and having the highest quality customer service in mind. CBBF is increasingly focused on developing partnership relationships between China and the UK in the innovation technology space.


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