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Notable sessions to accelerate AI implementation and security

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November 14, 2022

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The pace of change in artificial intelligence makes it imperative for AI practitioners, business executives and users to stay abreast of its latest developments.

At The AI Summit New York (Dec. 7-8), learn about tactics to accelerate PoC time to production, scaling AI across the enterprise, ensuring responsible use of AI, complying with new regulations, ensuring leadership buy-in and other topics.

Here are three notable sessions to catch:

CXO Panel: Leader’s Opinions on Scaling Up AI Dec. 7 (11 am)

To successfully scale AI, leaders must ensure a comprehensive change of mindset throughout the organization as well as possess a clear AI strategy that incorporates trust and transparency. In this panel discussion, leaders from business, academia and civil society will come together to discuss the key factors to scale effectively and share their views on implementing AI for good.


Dara A. Meath, CIO, Conair

Sol Rashidi, chief analytics officer, Estee Lauder

Alaa Moussawi, chief data scientist, New York City Council

Anusha Dandapani, chief data and analytics service officer, UN International Computing Centre (UNICC)

Amit Arora, vice president of product management, Swiss Re

Presentation: Are Humans in Sync with AI or in Conflict? Dec. 7 (2:30 pm)

When building design platforms for machine learning models, how does one know what is good enough? At this session, learn about design-thinking and best practices of collaborating with designers. Also, get information about building design categories and platforms for ML models while considering how and when to bring humans into the loop. Finally, learn to develop products that have consumer applications and discover what is a good enough threshold for user experience.


Claire Lebarz, head of data science, Guest team at Airbnb

Panel: The Promise and Challenges of Rolling Out AI in Cybersecurity Dec. 8 (10:55 am)

AI has the potential to enable businesses not only to respond faster than attackers can move, but also anticipate these moves and react to them in advance. However, challenges of rolling out AI in cybersecurity remain. Join this panel to hear from security experts on adopting AI in cybersecurity, as well as the promise and challenges for the future.


Larry Clinton, president, Internet Security Alliance

Amber Van Sant, head of AI/ML Center of Excellence, Enterprise Security & Fraud, Vanguard

Constanza Cabrera Mendoza, risk security analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

For more information or to participate, contact AI Business Editor Deborah Yao at [email protected].

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