Hannover Messe 2022: Asystom’s prescriptive maintenance system for Industry 4.0

When improving efficiency and production volumes, maintenance can’t be left behind

June 1, 2022

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When improving efficiency and production volumes, maintenance can’t be left behind.

Six years after it was established, Asystom continues to address a relatively underdeveloped side of Industry 4.0 – maintenance.

The company’s managing director and founder André Naccache says while much of digitization has focused on improving efficiency and production volumes, maintenance cannot be left behind as it is one of the main causes of unexpected stops with improvements to maintenance raising efficiency by as much as 25%.

Using a combination of ultrasound sensors and embedded intelligence, Asystom’s platform monitors vibrations and sound made by industrial equipment to analyze performance and prevent breakdowns.

The data gathered is then used by the inbuilt AI to calculate an anomaly score for customers, as well as more in-depth analysis of the problem for specialists; the point here is that it simplifies the data gathered for users who may not have a holistic understanding of the infrastructure to make it a digestible platform regardless of customer background. 

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So what makes this platform different? The LoRa system is multi-sensor and so can gather data on all components and detect failure or possible issues at a very early stage; making the tech a step beyond predictive maintenance to offer prescriptive maintenance.

The system also has an open architecture, allowing for integration into different corporate infrastructures very easily and has received its ATEX classification to allow its deployment in hazardous environments such as oil and gas platforms. Indeed, the device is primarily deployed in offshore operations; with current customers including Chevron, Shell and Total.

Naccache said developing a system that can work alongside human workers is the goal of Asystom, with a longer-term aim to continue investment in AI tech and further the relationship between user and technology - a common goal emerging at this year’s Hannover Messe.

While companies showcasing at this year’s event are looking to progress digital tools, maintaining a human element and indeed, making this relationship easier to facilitate, remains a consistent objective.

This article first appeared in sister publication IoT World Today

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