IBM Survey: Global Tennis Fans Embrace AI for Updates, Unique Insights

Ahead of Wimbledon in July, IBM published survey results from more than 18,000 sports fans in 10 countries on AI’s use in sports

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

June 21, 2024

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Novak Djokovic returns serve in his defeat to Carlos Alcaraz in Wimbledon 2023
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New research from IBM suggests that global tennis fans view AI positively, valuing real-time updates, personalization and unique insights to enhance their sports experience.

Ahead of the Wimbledon tennis championships in July, IBM published survey results of more than 18,000 sports fans from 10 countries, including the U.S., India and Spain, on AI’s use in sports.

It found that more than half (55%) of global tennis fans feel AI positively impacts the support and 60% believe the technology will have a positive impact on fan engagement.

When asked how AI could improve their viewing experience, 36% of respondents said it could provide real-time updates, 31% favored personalized content and 30% identified the ability to provide them with unique insights.

Of the surveyed tennis fans, 31% said they use multiple devices to watch multiple tennis matches and 45% said they use multiple devices to get more information while watching tennis. 

In tandem with the survey, IBM unveiled a new generative AI-powered feature for digital viewers, Catch Me Up, designed to generate highlights and insights for digital viewers to help them keep on top of multiple matches.

“Our new research confirms [fans] are beginning to understand the positive impact technologies such as generative AI can have on their digital experiences,” said Jonathan Adashek, IBM’s for marketing and communications.

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Away from improving the fan experience, IBM’s survey found respondents agreeing AI will have a positive impact on how the sport is played.

Three quarters (75%) said they think technologies including AI will improve player training, with specific impacts on improving game strategy (74%); coaching (71%) and unearthing new talent (66%).

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