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Infosys launches AI-driven customer engagement platform

Cortex can predict customer intent, assist new contact center agents and reduce call handling time

Rachel England

January 21, 2021

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Cortex can predict customer intent and assist new contact center agents

Indian enterprise software giant Infosys has launched Cortex, an AI solution designed to analyze and provide insights and recommendations on the mountains of data collected by customer care agents.

The platform uses technology developed by customer experience company Genesys, as well as Contact Center AI services from Google Cloud.

Cortex features include a customer experience modeler, which predicts the intent of a real-time customer conversation, as well as an interactive voice response (IVR) system, voicebot, chatbot and self-service options.

The platform acts as a learning tool for contact center agents and aims to turn them into “brand ambassadors” with AI-assisted HR processes and productivity tools. For example, it simulates customer interactions for new recruits and provides on-the-call guidance and recommended actions – the system will also help to identify particular learning needs for each agent.

Cognitive automation promises to help to boost first-call resolution, reduce average handling time, decrease call volume, and improve service-to-sales conversion. The open architecture of Genesys’ integrated Engage product means that businesses will be able to customize Cortex to fit their specific industry needs.

More efficient agents = happier customers

According to Infosys, Cortex helps enterprises achieve up to 40% faster and more effective agent hiring and learning, another 30% improvement in agent performance, and a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction.

The use of AI in customer service has seen steady growth in recent years, as consumers increasingly demand instant attention and issue resolution. “The next wave of CX solutions are built to improve decision velocity,” said Ray Wang, founder of tech advisory firm Constellation Research.

“Machines can make 100 decisions per second, humans can make one per second but often get bogged down in management committee for weeks. When AI is applied to CX, agents have the context they need to make faster and more precise decisions. As agents are augmented by AI, they can deliver more personalized experiences.”

And these personalized experiences will, it is hoped, lead to greater brand affinity. According to Infosys president Ravi Kumar, these digital capabilities will help businesses deliver “customer delight,” thereby future-proofing their relationships.

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