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MeaningCloud spins off healthcare, pharmaceutical AI businessMeaningCloud spins off healthcare, pharmaceutical AI business

Konplik Health will apply RPA and analytics to healthcare challenges

Chuck Martin

October 12, 2020

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Konplik Health will apply RPA and analytics to healthcare challenges

Text analytics specialist MeaningCloud is spinning off its AI business into a separate company focused on the healthcare sector.

The new venture, Konplik Health, Inc., has begun operations using MeaningCloud’s health-related assets, including its AI platform and deep semantic analysis tools.

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Konplik uses robotic process automation (RPA) and predictive analytics to understand large volumes of textual data.

The company will take over MeaningCloud’s work with Pfizer, which combines cognitive computing, big data, and NLP in order to enrich Pfizer’s business intelligence.

The pharmaceutical giant collects and processes information from numerous sources in 20 languages. MeaningCloud has been developing projects for Pfizer in 30 countries.

"We're happy to provide the market with a health-focused AI solution," said Jose Gonzalez, CEO of Konplik Health. "Together with our customers, we're leveraging powerful, adaptive intelligence to create solutions that seamlessly integrate data and technology to automate tasks and enable better decisions."

Konplik Health is investigating the applications of AI in drug discovery and development, analysis of electronic health records and patient voice for triaging and coding, real-world evidence analysis of drug efficacy and safety, and real-time market intelligence for demand, price, and shortage forecasting.

“The spin-off will allow both product and management teams to drive increased responsiveness to their customers’ particular needs and achieve faster growth through focused and fit-for-purpose operating models,” Gonzalez said in a blog post.

In addition to leveraging MeaningCloud’s technology, Konplik inherits partnerships with Automation Anywhere in the RPA market and Dataiku and RapidMiner in the data science market.

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