Microsoft to Debut Super Bowl Ad about AI

Microsoft is debuting its first Super Bowl in four years - and it is about its AI assistant, Copilot

Deborah Yao, Editor

February 9, 2024

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  • Microsoft is debuting its first Super Bowl ad in four years - and it is about its AI assistant, Copilot.
  • Microsoft also rolled out enhanced features for Copilot, which is similar to ChatGPT.

Microsoft is wading into this weekend’s highly anticipated Super Bowl with its first commercial in four years.

It will be about AI, specifically Microsoft’s AI Assistant called Copilot – which is similar to ChatGPT. The ad will showcase how AI can enable ordinary people to reach new heights, whether it is to start a business or get a college degree - proving wrong the naysayers in their lives.

Along with the Super Bowl commercial, Microsoft has rolled out updates to Copilot on the web and mobile apps.

Copilot now has a “cleaner, sleeker look and feel” with a carousel of suggested prompts to get the user going.

It also adds inline editing to Copilot’s generated images, whether to highlight an object, blur the background or add special effects.

The pro version adds resizing and regenerating of images without leaving chat.

Coming soon is GPT for Designer, an online graphic design app, in Copilot where users can visualize ideas in a dedicated canvas.

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