JustPaid cofounder Anelya Grant

Anelya Grant

Co-founder, JustPaid, JustPaid

Before conceptualizing the idea for JustPaid, Anelya started in the accounting space and, with the support of her team, worked with several hundred businesses with a collective funding of over $500 million. Her main goal in her work is to set up processes and systems to help her clients scale fast with no issues on the accounting side and that's where the idea of JustPaid was born.

A second-time founder who built a successful tech-focused accounting firm, Grant created JustPaid out of her frustrations when running her own business. JustPaid has since grown and launched into an AI-powered financial controller that automates bill pay and checks invoices against contractual pricing to ensure companies are not being overcharged, a problem that costs companies $12 billion per year.

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