Jody Bailey, Chief Technology Officer at Stack Overflow

Jody Bailey

Chief technology officer, Stack Overflow

Jody Bailey is the chief technology officer at Stack Overflow, leading the Product Engineering, Platform Engineering, InfoSec, and IT teams.

Jody has spent the last eight years of his nearly 30-year career on tech-leading EdTech software development teams. Most recently, Jody served as a senior product development leader at AWS, where he led the Product Management, User Experience, and Engineering teams responsible for new self-paced learning experiences for AWS customers. Prior to AWS, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Pluralsight where he grew the development team by 10X and transformed the product into an industry-leading enterprise SaaS learning offering.

Jody is married and has three children. Outside of work Jody enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, mountain bike racing, sailing and listening to live music.

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