Elon’s X is Now Using User Data to Train its Machine Learning Models

The platform formerly known as Twitter is also collecting user biometric data for ‘safety reasons’

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

September 1, 2023

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Could Musk be using user data to train machine learning models for xAI's work?Chesnot/Getty Images

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  • Updates to the privacy policy at X (Twitter) now allow the company to use user data to train its machine learning models.

X (formerly Twitter) has updated its privacy policy to allow the company to use user data to train its machine learning models.

The latest version of the privacy policy for the Elon Musk-owned business states that X "may use the information we collect and publicly available information to help train our machine learning or artificial intelligence models.”

The inclusion of a machine learning stipulation is becoming increasingly common as companies begin to roll out new AI services amidst the generative AI boom. The likes of Zoom and Google also made similar additions to their privacy policies, respectively.

In the case of X, it comes as Musk vies for a slice of the AI pie, unveiling xAI, a new AI startup trying to rival OpenAI. Ironic, given Musk was an early backer and founder of the ChatGPT makers.

Further to his attempts to challenge OpenAI, the startup now owns the AI.com domain which OpenAI only bought from Google at the turn of the year.

Also included in the new X privacy policy were references to collecting user biometric information for “safety, security, and identification purposes.” Users can opt out of this policy, however.

Users can also share information with potential employers – with X set to launch a job listing feature shortly that would see verified organizations able to post listings on the site.

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