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AI Chatbot Lets You Quiz 2024 Presidential Candidates − in Their Own Words

AI voice cloning company Delphi created the chatbots, who not only answer questions but can debate each other

Ben Wodecki

September 27, 2023

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At a Glance

  • Meet Chat2024, the AI chatbot that aims to help voters make informed choices about 2024 candidates.
  • Chat2024 generates responses to questions based on the candidates' own answers as culled from interviews and speeches.

Ever wanted to ask Donald Trump about the January 6 uprising in Capitol Hill? Or Joe Biden if he’s too old to run for president? Well now you can − sort of – with Chat2024, the AI election chatbot.

Chat2024 lets voters ask questions and have conversations with 2024 U.S. presidential candidates, with the second Republican presidential debate taking place tonight and three months to go before the influential Iowa caucuses.

The chatbots were created by Delphi, an AI voice cloning company. Delphi said it built Chat2024 to “increase the number of informed voters in the U.S.” – and also incidentally showcase its AI product. Delphi wants political candidates to contact them – with the AI company saying it can help candidates “better connect with and understand your constituents.”

Delphi co-founder Dara Ladjevardian said on X (Twitter) that the election chatbot was inspired by his experiences knocking on doors to canvass voters during the 2020 election, only to find out that the majority were not well-informed.

“Unfortunately, so many people often cast their votes without a comprehensive understanding of the candidates and their platform,” he said. “Chat2024 aims to cut through the noise, offering a space where you can get insights into a candidate's stance on a myriad of issues from their own direct sources.”

How can you trust the information provided by Chat2024? Delphi added citations to the answers so users can verify the information themselves.

How to ask a candidate a question on Chat2024

Simply type in a question or choose from some pre-selected options and the AI chatbot will generate a response. All responses are based on interviews, speeches and YouTube videos on each candidate. Each response has a link to a source where related comments or views were made.

Users can also pit two candidates against one another – like asking the two most recent presidents how they’d address the climate crisis.

What the candidates think of AI

AI is set to be a central issue in technology at the next election – and not just because former New Jersey Gov. and presidential candidate Chris Christie described Vivek Ramaswamy as “a guy who sounds like ChatGPT.”

U.S. lawmakers are working to legislate AI, with Chuck Schumer’s private AI forum that took place last week showing politicians are beginning to recognize the gravity of AI.

But it’s taking lawmakers an age to come up with legislation around AI – the EU AI Act, for example, has been rumbling on for two years and is just about at the end of its legislative journey.

Chat2024 could be used to hypothetically create answers to policy questions based on a lawmaker's prior voting patterns in the fraction of the time hustings and debates tend to take.

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