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Google’s Gemini Botches Super Bowl Post-Game Analysis

AI chatbot makes rookie mistakes that a pre-teen wouldn't have made

Deborah Yao

February 12, 2024

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AI Business via Gemini Advanced

Super Bowl LVIII is officially over and the Kansas City Chiefs have cemented their status as a sports dynasty with a hard-fought win against the San Francisco 49ers.

Google’s newest and most powerful large multimodal model, Gemini Advanced, correctly predicted the winner. It also said the game would be a close match-up but that the Chiefs would have a slight edge because of the Patrick Mahomes factor - its quarterback and now three-time Super Bowl MVP.

Most human sports pundits said the same, but as of game day Las Vegas bettors were favoring the 49ers. In the end, Gemini Advanced and the sports experts were right: Chiefs won.

But when it comes to analyzing the game after it was over, that is another story. Gemini Advanced hallucinated – big time.

It confused last night’s game with the Super Bowl of a year ago when Mahomes aggravated his ankle injury during the Chiefs' game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is something that would not confuse a pre-teen: This year's Super Bowl versus last year's game.

At least, Gemini Advanced was willing to risk answering. ChatGPT and Anthropic's Claude said they do not do predictions.

The prompt

Gather all the news about last night's Super Bowl and analyze why the Kansas City Chiefs won the game and what the San Francisco 49ers could have done better.

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Gemini Advanced

“Absolutely! Here's a breakdown of the Super Bowl LVIII news and analysis of the key factors in the game.”

News roundup

  • Chiefs Claim Thrilling Victory in Overtime: The Kansas City Chiefs clinched a dramatic 25-22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII. In a stunning late-game drive, Patrick Mahomes led the comeback to claim their second title in a row.

  • Mahomes Magic Reigns Supreme: Patrick Mahomes, despite playing on a high-ankle sprain (false, from last year’s Super Bowl), was named Super Bowl MVP. He threw for two touchdowns (false) in the crucial late-game drive, solidifying his place as one of the game's best quarterbacks.

  • Harrison Butker Wins It: Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker cemented the victory (false) with a field goal in the final seconds of overtime, providing the decisive points.

  • High-Scoring Affair: The game was a back-and-forth battle, with both teams showing exceptional offensive prowess and defensive resolve.

Why the Chiefs won

  • Patrick Mahomes' Resilience: Even while visibly limping due to his ankle injury (false – it was from last year’s Super Bowl), Mahomes demonstrated unbelievable resolve and leadership. His incredible passing accuracy and decision-making in the final minutes secured the win.

  • Late-Game Heroics: The Chiefs were fueled by clutch plays down the stretch. Tight end Travis Kelce caught crucial passes during pivotal drives, and the Chiefs' defense stood strong during critical moments.

  • Opportunistic Defense: The Kansas City defense forced timely 49ers turnovers, giving their offense more chances to chip away at the lead.

  • Coaching Adjustments: Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid successfully adapted his play-calling in the second half, countering the 49ers' defensive shifts and exploiting advantageous matchups.

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How the 49ers could improve

  • Quarterback Limitations: The devastating injury (false) to quarterback Brock Purdy early in the game, along with the ongoing recovery issues of Trey Lance (false), severely limited the 49ers' passing game. Josh Johnson's valiant effort (false) wasn't enough to match the offensive firepower of the Chiefs.

  • Missed Opportunities: Despite establishing an early lead, the 49ers struggled to capitalize on their scoring opportunities throughout the game. Dropped passes and penalties stalled several important drives.

  • Costly Penalties: Ill-timed penalties against the 49ers aided several Chiefs' drives, hindering the 49ers momentum and giving Mahomes more chances to lead his team.

  • Offensive Line Struggles: While the 49ers offensive line held up well early, they surrendered key sacks as the game went on. Giving Mahomes extra time was a recipe for a Chiefs comeback.

Important note: It's essential to remember that even the best-laid plans can be undone in such tightly contested games. Small margins, clutch performances, and even a bit of luck often turn the tide in high-stakes matchups like the Super Bowl.

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