Microsoft's new open-source ChatGPT alternative allows enterprises to deploy private, customizable chatbots with privacy guarantees

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

August 18, 2023

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Developers can deploy ChatGPT on Azure for commercial applicationsMicrosoft

At a Glance

  • Businesses can now access their own private, customizable ChatGPT via Microsoft's new open-source project on GitHub.
  • Users can deploy enterprise-ready ChatGPT with privacy controls to protect their data.

Microsoft has unveiled an open-source project offering an enterprise-grade version of ChatGPT via GitHub.

ChatGPT on Azure Solution Accelerator allows users to deploy and run ChatGPT privately – providing a similar user experience to the standard ChatGPT while not exposing company data when using it.

Companies including JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Verizon and Accenture all barred staff from using ChatGPT for work. Employees at electronics giant Samsung face termination if they use ChatGPT after staff members were found to have input sensitive company data into the OpenAI chatbot.

The open-source enterprise solution contains built-in guarantees around the privacy of user data – keeping enterprise information you put in fully isolated from those operated by OpenAI. All network traffic can be fully isolated to the individual user’s network too.

Users can access both the basic GPT 3.5 and premium GPT-4 versions of ChatGPT. Users can also tweak how they want ChatGPT to respond via the new Custom Instructions feature

ChatGPT on Azure for enterprise can be downloaded via GitHub under an MIT license – meaning it can be used for commercial applications but requires preservation of copyright and license notices.

While it is open source, those looking to use ChatGPT on Azure for enterprise will need an Azure subscription with access to the Azure OpenAI service.

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OpenAI is working on a ChatGPT for business but that will be a subscription offering. Separate from its $20-a-month ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT for business would see users pay a rolling fee in exchange for greater control of their data when using the chatbot.

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