OpenAI Launches ChatGPT Discount Program for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are using ChatGPT to draft grant proposals, curate education resources

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

June 7, 2024

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OpenAI is offering nonprofits discounted access to premium versions of ChatGPT to make the chatbot more accessible with its OpenAI for Nonprofits initiative, offering nonprofits discounted access to premium ChatGPT, providing a ChatGPT Team license for just $20 per user per month — a $10 discount.

Larger organizations will receive a 50% discount on the Enterprise version of its chatbot service, which includes priority access to new underlying models including GPT-4o and a customizable collaborative workspace.

“Whether it’s drafting grant proposals, refining data analysis or tailoring communication strategies for diverse audiences, ChatGPT can serve as a powerful force multiplier for nonprofit organizations,” OpenAI said in an announcement.

OpenAI will determine discount eligibility using the nonprofit validation platform Percent.

The scheme is unavailable to nonprofit organizations covering academics, religion or governmental institutions.

OpenAI said it will not provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for nonprofits using the service. A BAA is a legal agreement designed to protect companies covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when collaborating with other businesses.

Among the early adopters is Serenas, a Brazilian-based organization working to stop violence against women. The nonprofit has been using ChatGPT to draft grant proposals and repurpose content in English and Portuguese.

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"With the human resources challenges we face in the nonprofit sector, ChatGPT has made connecting with international donors significantly simpler,” said Amanda Sadalla, Serenas’ founder.

THINK South Africa is another nonprofit given early access to the service. THINK is using ChatGPT to help health officials analyze and gain insights from data. The organization is developing a toolkit using ChatGPT to help design public health programs in South Africa.

Team4Tech, a nonprofit working on expanding digital education to underserved communities, used ChatGPT to accelerate content evaluations.

“ChatGPT enables us to curate resources more accurately, which helps us ensure our nonprofits have access to the best resources available,” said Jody Britten, Team4Tech’s head of research and innovation.

The discounts only apply to ChatGPT licenses, with no plans to offer nonprofits discounted access to its API. 

The startup said that it plans to develop more resources and tools tailored toward nonprofits.

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