AI startup roundup: Explainable AI and edge computing

Also – Chinese generative AI company and no-code AI platform for non-technical users

Deborah Yao

October 17, 2022

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Also – Chinese generative AI company and no-code AI platform for non-technical users

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Funding blitz

Startup: Kneron – a full-stack edge AI hardware and software company whose products resolve latency, security and cost issues. It is based in San Diego, California.

Latest funding: $48 million, series B

Lead investor: Horizons Ventures

Other investors: Foxconn, LITEON, ADATA, family office of a major Taiwanese financial institution

Funding plans: Tape-out a next generation of innovative chips


Startup: Tiamat – a generative AI platform in China that transforms texts to images.

Latest funding: Several million (exact amount undisclosed), according to 36kr, a Chinese media outlet. It is based in Shanghai, China.

Lead investor: DCM

Figure 1: Image credit: 36kr Image credit: 36kr

Other investors: Angel investors

Funding plans: Further develop its platform with a focus on selling its service to businesses. It seeks to disrupt the global market for stock images, valued at an estimated $300 billion.


Startup: Insite AI – a provider of AI-driven category and revenue growth management solutions for consumer brands. Its platform helps brands create assortment, space, pricing and trade promotion strategies. It is based in Bee Cave, Texas. The company said revenue has tripled in the last 15 months.

Latest funding: $19 million, series A

Lead investors: NewRoad Capital and M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund)

Funding plans: Further develop the business


Startup: Levity – developer of a no-code AI platform aimed at letting non-technical users build their own workflow automations. It is based in Berlin, Germany.

Latest funding: $8.3 million, seed round

Lead investors: Balderton Capital and Chalfen Ventures

Funding plans: Accelerate plans to build a leading no-code AI workflow automation platform


Startup: Quantpi – a Saarland, Germany-based provider of an explainable AI technology that addresses legal, commercial and reputational risks in AI solutions.

Latest funding: €2.5 million ($2.46 million), pre-seed round

Lead investor: First Momentum Ventures

Other investors: Capnamic Ventures, angel investors

Funding plans: Scale its platform

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