AI x Human Experience: Applying a Human-Centered Approach to Establish Trust

Deloitte joined us at the AI Summit London 2023. Transcriptions for this video were provided by Rev.

January 5, 2024

Are humans on the brink of developing an even closer relationship with technology? During this session, Deloitte will explore how humans can look to recent advances in AI to enhance creativity, innovation, and productivity. We’ll also look at the four tenets that will guide companies as they consider applying a human-centered approach to AI:

  • For and with humans. Develop AI applications for the common good and benefit of the community, co-created with and deployed by people.

  • Equity at the center. Design AI applications to be accessible to humans and controlled for bias, particularly for the historically marginalized, the disabled, and highly sensitive populations.

  • Transparent and accountable. Be clear on when AI is being used, how it works, and who is responsible, so you can trust the experiences it creates.

  • Secure. Build AI applications with end-to-end privacy and consent for how data is used.


Amelia Dunlop, Chief Experience Officer - Deloitte Digital

Laura Shact, Principal and AI Leader for Human Capital - Deloitte Consulting

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