Celaton Adds Personalised Response Module to inSTREAM Platform

Robert Woolliams

September 6, 2016

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6 September 2016

Today, Celaton announced the release of Personalized Response, the latest artificially intelligent module for its inSTREAM platform.

The Institute of Customer Service recently reported that 46% of customers expect a response within 24 hours if they contact an organization via email, with over two fifths saying the same for website contact and one third for social media inquiries. With customers demanding faster responses and resolution times, and with the bar constantly being raised on service levels, it is now harder than ever for organizations to distinguish themselves as leaders in customer service.

So how does the Personalized Response module make sure enterprises stay ahead of the game?

Personalized Response significantly extends the capabilities of inSTREAM by enabling it to present operators with the most appropriate response to send. The proposed response is based on inSTREAM’s understanding of the meaning and intent of each incoming correspondence and the enrichment of data from other data sources. Responses chosen by inSTREAM are presented to operators for validation or for them to make the final decision before submission to customers.

inSTREAM learns through the natural consequence of processing and gains confidence as a result of experience. When inSTREAM is not sure of the most appropriate response, it will suggest the all possible options for an operator to choose and subsequently learns from the actions and decisions they make, this learning helps to continually optimize the process.

It accelerates resolution times, ensuring responses are consistent and appropriate, enabling organizations to deliver better customer service faster with fewer people.

Large organizations who deal with consumers could be revolutionized by implementing Personalized Response.

We spoke to Celaton CEO Andrew Anderson back in July, after Gartner named them a 'Cool Vendor' in their Smart Machines report for 2016 - check out that interview here

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