Introducing: Omdia’s updated AI ecosystem database

Interactive Tableau database of more than 1,250 AI companies globally

Deborah Yao

July 4, 2022

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Interactive Tableau database of more than 1,250 AI companies

The artificial intelligence market is still a Wild West of sorts, with expertise and specializations distributed across verticals and geographies.

Our independent sister research firm, Omdia, has released an updated AI ecosystem database to bring a semblance of order to this fast-moving universe.

It is an interactive Tableau database that is searchable and also serves as a visualization tool. It lets users filter by industry, use cases, region, AI technologies, IT categories and company size by workforce count.

The list includes the Top 200 key market players as well as the whole spectrum of technology vendors, from startups to established solutions providers.

The database would be useful to anyone in the AI space including AI software vendors and their suppliers, and AI processor and hardware companies especially chipmakers, according to Natalia Modjeska, research director of AI and Intelligent Automation.

Omdia analysts selected companies based on a combination of market share, mindshare, market leadership, and disruption potential.

Figure 1:

“These vendors are not only market leaders but are also market founders, responsible for the stewardship of major ecosystems. They are using AI at scale to run their business. They pioneer new market opportunities, and they are actively contributing back to the market through open source,” she said.

Filtering by vertical

Filtering by vertical reveals segment-specific information.

For example, there are 332 AI companies in financial services, with about half doing predictive analytics. Two-thirds of them are in North America and a fifth in Western Europe. Most of them do machine learning, about half do NLP and also deep learning.

Figure 2:

The database includes company profiles, showing their IT category, AI technologies, industries served, horizontal use cases, location, year of founding, employee count and whether private or publicly held.

It is an active repository as well since information is regularly updated.

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