Nvidia, Google Cloud Partner to Boost Generative AI Startups

The two companies have teamed to provide infrastructure support for startups and enterprises to power generative AI applications

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

April 9, 2024

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Nvidia and Google Cloud are partnering to provide startups with infrastructure to accelerate the development of generative AI applications and services.

The partnership, announced at Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas, combines the Google for Startups Cloud Program with Nvidia’s Inception program.

Eligible AI startups will receive credits to use Google Cloud’s infrastructure to build and train their AI systems worth up to $350,000.

Participants will also gain access to Nvidia hardware and software as well as hands-on AI training courses from Nvidia’s Deep Learning Institute.

Startups working on “high-growth emerging software” projects will have them fast-tracked to Google Cloud’s Marketplace platform.

Additionally, Google’s Cloud Program members are now also eligible for Nvidia’s Inception Capital Connect, which connects startups to potential venture capital partners.

“Startups in particular are constrained by the high costs associated with AI investments,” Greg Estes, Nvidia’s vice president of developer programs wrote in a blog post.

“This collaboration is the latest in a series of announcements the two companies have made to help ease the costs and barriers associated with developing generative AI applications for enterprises of all sizes.”

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Startups and enterprise customers will also get access to Google’s family of Gemma language models as they are being made available across all of Nvidia’s AI platforms.

Gemma, released in February, is a family of smaller language models designed to power text and code generation use cases.

Nvidia customers can access Gemma models from the Nvidia API catalog to power their applications.

Estes said access to the Gemma models on Nvidia’s AI will “help to reduce customer costs and speed up innovative work for domain-specific use cases.”

Nvidia also announced its new Blackwell GPUs will be coming to Google Cloud to provide computing power for specialized AI workloads. They will be available early next year.

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