New AI features to improve home-connected devices

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

January 10, 2024

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  • Samsung introduces new AI features to improve connected devices to bring “AI for all.”

Samsung Electronics is joining the growing list of companies doubling down on AI, unveiling a host of new products and services that use AI to “make life easier” at CES. 

Samsung’s presentation “AI for All” focused on using AI to improve connected devices.

Jong-Hee Han, CEO and head of Samsung’s device eXperience division said the inclusion of AI to connected devices will improve experiences while remaining non-intrusive and “in the background.”

“With the emergence of artificial intelligence, smarter, better experiences will redefine how we live,” Han said. “Samsung’s broad portfolio of powerful devices, along with the pursuit of open collaboration, will help bring AI and hyper-connectivity to all.”

Here are some of the AI offerings Samsung showcased at CES 2024:

AI integrated appliances 

Samsung is integrating AI in new lines of its digital appliances and display products.

The new Neo QLED 8K QN900D television contains an AI processor to upscale low-resolution content to 8k. The TV also contains an AI-powered feature that sharpens fast-moving images, the AI Motion Enhancer Pro.

Samsung’s new 8k display also features Active Voice Amplifier Pro, which analyzes voice and background noise by AI to optimize audio when you’re watching TV.

Samsung is also bringing AI to the kitchen, adding an AI-powered camera to its new Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator that scans food items inside and suggests recipes using those ingredients. Recipes saved on Samsung’s Food app can then be shared to the fridge’s display so users can follow along while cooking.

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The AI-powered fridges can also notify users of product use by dates, sending alerts to their devices as the set date draws near.

Even washers and dryers are getting AI enhancements. The new AI Laundry Combo, revealed last September, boasts an LCD display where users can manage laundry. The unit personalizes washing and drying by remembering users’ habits and using machine learning to suggest cycles.

Ballie is back

Four years after it was first unveiled at CES 2020, Samsung updated the world on Ballie, its rotund rolling robot. 

Ballie is now being marketed as an AI companion capable of interacting with other smart devices around the home to turn off switches and even project videos and images onto walls.

Ballie follows you around and is essentially a smart home assistant on wheels. No details on whether Ballie would be released were shared, however.

Galaxy Books get AI features

Following other laptop vendors at CES 2024, Samsung announced AI features are coming to its Galaxy Book4 series line of PCs.

Leveraging Copilot tech from Microsoft, the Galaxy Book4 has an assistant feature capable of summarizing lengthy documents or helping users draft emails.

Unveiled last December, the Galaxy Book4 can connect with Samsung smartphones to work together, with the laptop able to access smartphone functions and information intuitively. For example, users can use their smartphones as a webcam for their PC for video conferencing.

SmartThings app gets AI upgrade

Samsung is also updating its SmartThings app for controlling its smart home devices, adding an upgraded 3D Map View.

Users can map devices across their homes more easily, using AI to help devices understand the living space and user routines.

SmartThings will use a combination of AI and sensors on devices to detect instances around the home, like if a family member falls over and send an alert to caregivers.

Samsung is also making its Bixby voice assistant more intuitive. Bixby can now automatically route commands to the most appropriate devices based on an understanding of the user’s location and activities.  Bixby can listen to commands with all the devices in a room while still only performing the requested action on the most relevant device.

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