Use AI to transform your search

Use AI to transform your search

Max Smolaks

September 16, 2019

4 Min Read

Lots of search engines don’t consider some crucial elements while providing suggestions - the context of the information being searched, relevance ranking for suggestions, and so on. This is where SearchAI SmartSuggest comes in.

by Timo Selvaraj, SearchBlox

16 September 2019

We’re all so familiar with the search box. It lives on our phones, on websites and pretty much everywhere. When we’re looking for, lets say, a product, we take out our phones and start searching for it. A few letters in, the search starts giving you suggestions as to what you might be looking for and more often than not you would select one of those suggestions and move forward.

This entire activity is so mundane that wedon’t even realize how these search suggestions form one of the most crucialaspects of the whole search experience.

Suggestions, or auto-suggest as its oftenreferred to, uses the partial search terms that a user is typing in to completethe rest of the search query so the user can simply select the search queryfrom a dropdown box in the search form.

Lots of search engines don’t consider somecrucial elements while providing suggestions - the context of the informationbeing searched, relevance ranking for suggestions, and so on.

This is where SearchAI SmartSuggest comes in.

SearchAI SmartSuggest is built to providesuggestions for search queries because it understands the context and howthey’re related to the actual content on your website.

This is achieved using several cutting edgemachine learning algorithms that comb through all the data on your website,determine the most relevant ones, prepare suggestions, rank them and then workin real time to determine which suggestion should be provided when the userstarts typing.

SearchAI SmartSuggest is built for people whoare looking to make their lives simpler. That’s why there’s nothing to installor maintain. To integrate, all you have to do is paste a snippet of code intoyour existing search solution and that’s pretty much all you need to do tostart getting smart suggestions in your search box.

On top of all this, SearchAI SmartSuggestcomes with spell corrections and support for multiple languages so that yourusers do not have to struggle with putting in the correct spelling forcomplicated terms. Suggestions are provided even with incorrect user entries.

Business use cases for SearchAI SmartSuggest include ecommerce, customer support, self service and enterprise search. Achieve an increase of upto 30 percent in search findability just by switching to SearchAI SmartSuggest which prompts users with the right search queries for contextually relevant results. As SmartSuggest search suggestions are extracted from your own content, users will  typically find the information they are looking for on the first search results page, thereby reducing the time needed to navigate through multiple search result pages. The benefit of SearchAI SmartSuggest? Quicker access to your products, information and documents.

So what are you waiting for? Supercharge yoursearch box with SearchAI SmartSuggest.

Give us a call at (866) 933-3626 or fillthis form and we’ll set you up with AI-based smart suggestions.

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