The pair used an internal Intel supercomputer cluster to create a chatbot for BCG staff

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

May 11, 2023

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  • Intel strikes ties with BCG to offer custom generative AI solutions to enterprise clients.

Intel has enlisted the help of Boston Consulting Group to encourage enterprise customers to use its products for generative AI.

The pair will work together to offer custom AI hardware and software solutions for enterprise clients that are designed so users can keep their data private.

Intel and BCG said they are looking to solve business problems including secure software development agents or automated portfolio management agents for asset managers, among other use cases.

BCG is already using an internal Intel supercomputer cluster for its proprietary data to power a domain-specific foundation model. That model is powering a natural language chatbot interface so BCG employees can retrieve and summarize information from lengthy reports.

Employee use of the chatbot led to a 41% rise in satisfaction, 25% growth in result relevancy, and a 39% increase in work completion rates.

Sandra Rivera, general manager of Intel's data center and AI group, said the partnership with BCG will enable it to build generative AI applications for customers seeking tech that is optimized for their chosen security perimeter.

Intel’s partnership with BCG follows similar moves by ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, who struck close ties with Bain & Company to entice enterprise customers to use its solutions.

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