The antidote to chatbot frustration

The antidote to chatbot frustration

Max Smolaks

September 19, 2019

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by Andy Peart, Artificial Solutions 19 September 2019

Corporate chatbots are springing up everywhere
you look. Conditioned by sophisticated consumer voice assistants like Alexa and
Siri, users of this new breed of corporate AI bots fully expect them to be just
as advanced and intelligent, if not more-so!

Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. In
reality, many enterprise chatbots are failing to live up to expectations, and
users find that their lack of empathy, intelligence and inability to understand
queries leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

The root of much of this dissatisfaction is
that many businesses are attempting to offer enterprise quality chatbots using unsuitable
technology. The external user’s dissatisfaction is mirrored internally, with
mounting frustration from the bot developers and corporate IT departments who
cannot deliver the full-service conversational AI abilities needed by the

The majority of bot frameworks and point solutions available today may be sufficient for simple command and control or fixed scope Q&A environments. However most enterprises typically have far more advanced requirements such as highly conversational, humanlike bots that can understand multiple languages, run across multiple channels and are backed by enterprise-strength features including version-control, automated testing and insights derived from conversational data. Further, CIOs are demanding enterprise-grade solutions that align with their strategic priorities and existing technology stacks and that match the skills of their existing IT team.

With the launch of Teneo Developers, Artificial Solutions offers an antidote to this mounting frustration through a ‘try before you buy’ sandbox that gives developers the chance to build out advanced enterprise conversational AI solutions using Teneo - the only platform designed for business.

Teneo’s multi-user IDE allows developers to
graphically build dialogues using drag and drop elements. These elements of
conversational logic can be re-used and organized to support hundreds or
thousands of intents. Teneo Developers also showcases Teneo’s native hybrid
approach, which combines both linguistic and machine learning methods out of
the box.  This means that contextually
aware, intelligent conversational AI applications can be built quickly whatever
their starting point – with or without data – and
use real-life user inputs to optimize it from day one.

Though many won’t admit it publicly, developers are struggling to get chatbots to behave as expected — no matter how hard they try to fix them. That is why Artificial Solutions launched Teneo Developers. We’re providing an environment where developers can come and teach themselves about the platform, try out their ideas and discover the ease with which they can build advanced conversational AI applications that actually work.

Another fundamental reason that enterprises
want to implement conversational applications is because of the valuable data
generated, all stored within Teneo’s integrated data repository. This data delivers unprecedented levels of
insight and true ‘voice of your customer’ understanding. Information that can
be used to personalize the conversation, improve the system and deliver
actionable insight to the business. Having access to this information within
the same unified IDE supports rapid solution improvement, allows for the data
to be used in real-time and can be easily integrated with existing enterprise
BI tools.

Teneo Developers provides all the resources needed
to enable developers to take their chatbot ideas beyond what other development
tools offer and use them as proof points or evaluation models. Straight out of
the box Teneo improves advanced language understanding. And an end to the
chatbot frustration.

Developers are being offered a free Teneo Developer sandbox containing all the tools needed to build and manage advanced conversational solutions. It includes licenses for 5 team members, hosting and support for up to 7 evaluation bots, unlimited intents and currently supports English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian. To sign up for the free 90-day trial visit


Andy Peart is Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Artificial Solutions, an international business that “Makes Technology Think,” believing that people should be able to interact with technology intelligently, using their own voice, in their own terminology and across whatever channel they choose.

Using a form of AI referred to as ‘Conversational AI’, Artificial
Solutions allows people to talk to applications, websites and devices
in a human like, intelligent and conversational way.

Andy has over 25 years strategic and marketing experience within
the IT and AI sector, successfully helping build innovative, technology
driven organizations.

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