Featuring panels about AI-powered energy production and smart grid applications

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

September 26, 2022

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Featuring panels about AI-powered energy production and smart grid applications

Last August, the United Nations painted a bleak picture of the encroachment of climate change and the risks it poses to the planet.

Dubbed ‘code red’ for humanity, the report said changes across the Earth's climate, including more extreme weather conditions and rising sea levels, are ‘irreversible.’

AI has been applied across a plethora of use cases in a bid to stem the climate tides.

Last year, a team from Ordnance Survey used AI to map Zambia’s slums to create detailed surface models that could be used to manage and understand the impact of flooding.

And automated farming systems like SRC and Swegreen are improving farming conditions amid worsening weather brought about by climate change.

Learn more about how AI is becoming part of the solution at the AI Summit Austin, taking place Nov. 2-3 in the capital of Texas.

Here are some sessions that will dive deeper into AI in energy and resource production:

Applying AI to production optimization for oil and gas maintenance

  • Incorporating AI to collect and process data from reservoir equipment

  • Leveraging machine learning to improve the oil and gas process and create economic value

Speaker: Abhinav Kohar, ML engineering manager at Schlumberger

IoT and AI driving innovation for energy, oil and gas energy and resource production

  • How we are leveraging AI and IoT in oil and gas pipelines construction

  • Importance of data

  • Digital transformation of business

  • Constraints of AI and IoT in our business and how to overcome them

Speakers: Vinay Baburao, digital program manager at CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Abhilash Shanmugan, director for enterprise architecture at Phillips 66, Ashley Jennings, MD of the Texas Innovation Center at the University of Texas at Austin

Enhancing smart grid application processes with distributed energy resources

  • Improving the reliability of grids with DERs to stay interconnected and managing transmission of data

  • Creating renewable energy technologies to help provide heat and power for residents in urban cities

  • Exploring intelligent data and transparency – how data platforms are boosting smart buildings

For more information or to participate, contact AI Business Editor Deborah Yao at [email protected].

Register for the AI Summit here.

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