Northrop Grumman Inks Nvidia Deal to Boost AI Projects

Defense contractor to use Nvidia AI to support its AI projects including AI-powered AR helmets for helicopter pilots

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

May 20, 2024

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A Northrop Grumman-made B-2 stealth bomber on a runway under the company's logo and an American flag
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Defense contractor Northrop Grumman is leveraging Nvidia’s AI software to accelerate its AI projects.

The companies announced a partnership that provides Northrop Grumman access to Nvidia’s software portfolio.

“Nvidia’s AI platforms will help us deliver Northrop Grumman’s advanced capabilities to our customers faster and with greater effect,” said Vern Boyle, the vice president of Northrop Grumman’s microelectronics center.

Northrop Grumman can now access software solutions like Nvidia AI, which includes a variety of AI-powered infrastructure and workflow tools, as well as Nim, a recently unveiled solution for optimizing AI model inference.

The defense contractor is working on several AI projects, including an AI assistant embedded into an augmented reality headset to assist helicopter pilots. The AI-powered headset provides pilots with information on their surroundings, highlighting potential dangers like a fire to improve crew responses and decision making.

Also in the works is a software-based AI solution that detects threats to GPS signals. The software scans radio frequency environments for potential signs of GPS jamming or spoof signals.

Additionally, Northrop Grumman now has access to solutions like Omniverse, Nvidia’s metaverse application development platform, providing Northrop Grumman with a virtual environment to test new technologies.

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Raytheon previously tested hypersonic missiles in digital environments.

Northrop Grumman’s agreement with Nvidia also covers research and development collaboration, which the defense contractor said would enable it to “quickly apply advanced AI technologies across its portfolio of capabilities while also increasing operational efficiency.”

“Nvidia’s AI platform is at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation that solves difficult challenges," said Anthony Robbins, Nvidia’s vice president for the North American public sector. "Northrop Grumman is the latest example of how businesses and organizations around the world are increasingly using Nvidia AI software to deliver on the enormous potential of AI.”

Northrop Grumman is the latest defense contractor to use Nvidia’s solutions. Others include Lockheed Martin, which uses the company’s AI and DGX hardware to support predictive maintenance of aircraft.

Raytheon has also previously purchased Nvidia GPUs to power its simulation environments.

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