Salesforce Gives Businesses Tools to Build, Customize AI Models

New Einstein Studio encourages BYOM – build your own model

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

August 4, 2023

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At a Glance

  • Salesforce has unveiled Einstein Studio to help companies build custom AI faster.
  • Users can build custom AI models by combining their data with preferred generative AI models such as Amazon SageMaker.

Salesforce is giving companies the ability to combine their proprietary data with their preferred AI models through its new Einstein Studio offering.

Einstein Studio will give businesses a choice of using generative AI models such as Amazon SageMaker and Google Vertex AI to build their own custom applications, with Salesforce billing the new offering as ‘BYOM – build your own model – approach’

Salesforce said Einstein Studio is launching at a time when AI projects are stalling due to "limited datasets and engineering resources required to train them.”

To help, Einstein Studio uses a zero-ETL framework: allowing users to integrate data without using conventional extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. Basically, devs can transfer data between systems without having to spend time manipulating it to work.

Salesforce said that using zero-ETL means businesses can infuse AI models with relevant data across sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT, “equipping every line of business to turn AI into action."

Einstein Studio can be used to "get more from existing data" by maximizing existing IT expertise and AI investments and building tools with a company’s preferred data sources and machine learning models, the company added.

Salesforce’s other generative AI efforts

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Salesforce has been throwing its weight behind the generative AI wave since the turn of the year. The company has launched Einstein GPT, its own large language model, which was built using ChatGPT’s underlying technologies.

Salesforce gave its users a suite of AI-powered tools and services, including access to its Einstein AI model. The AI Cloud, unveiled in June, is designed to power open and real-time generative experiences across workflows.

Salesforce is also a key backer of Anthropic, the makers of the Claude 2 large language model. Salesforce’s venture capital arm backed Anthropic as part of its $450 million funding raise in May, joining the likes of Google and Zoom in supporting the OpenAI rival.

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