AI Business is conducting the world’s first comprehensive survey into the impact of artificial intelligence in major European markets, due for release in April in The Times’ Raconteur supplement.

Many research bodies regularly need to update their predictions for global spending on AI technologies by businesses, such is the incalculable rate at which the market is expanding. This survey takes a different approach; by individually surveying CxO-level executives from within the largest corporations in the UK and Europe, spanning the FTSE 100 index and the 150 largest European companies by revenue, we are able to gain unique insights into how these enterprises are approaching and applying AI.

We are getting answers to the key questions surrounding the application of AI in European business. Investment is naturally a major focus – what AI technologies business leaders are investing in and why, and how much specifically decision-makers are already spending or planning to spend. The survey also uncovers the internal strategizing of AI. How will increased use of AI affect the roles and hierarchies within an organisation? Who are the individuals responsible for driving AI adoption internally? Looking to the technology provider side, respondents pick who they see as the market leaders, and many offer details on which providers they are partnering with. The challenges and ethical issues surrounding AI implementation also form an important and informative part of the survey.

And these questions not only cover the current state of play – they also look ahead to the next three to five years and beyond.

The response rate so far has been exceptional, particularly considering AI is a field in which top-level executives often remain tight-lipped. Indeed, survey respondents have been surprisingly candid in their responses and are sharing useful insights…

  • Airbus are ‘already seeing tangible ROI’ from their AI implementation according to the Head of Data Analysis and Interaction at Airbus. He strongly agrees that AI will transform his industry and business as a whole.
  • Prudential’s Global Head of AI describes AI’s impact in a nutshell as ‘revolutionary’
  • Travis Perkins’s Group CIO believes that ‘artificial intelligence will change everything’.

It goes on. But we are still keen to hear more. If you are a decision-making business leader involved with your company’s approach to and investment in AI, you can get involved by taking the 10-minute survey here: