Quantum-Hybrid AI Platform Funded for Japan

Partnership targets energy and biology applications in $41M deal

Berenice Baker, Editor

May 6, 2024

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Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has awarded quantum computer developer QuEra Computing $41 million for a neutral atom quantum computer.

AIST plans to install the QuEra machine on site alongside its Nvidia-powered ABCI-Q supercomputer to create a classical-quantum hybrid platform for high-fidelity simulations and quantum AI applications.

Neutral-atom quantum computers have shown promising progress in error detection and correction, meaning they could offer a path to large-scale, fault-tolerant computing.

QuEra’s computers operate at room temperature and can readily integrate with classical computers in a hybrid architecture in a data center, for example, offering the best of both worlds.

 “We are honored that AIST has chosen our technology for installation in Japan,” said QuEra president Takuya Kitagawa.

“This partnership highlights our mutual dedication to advancing science and technology, setting new standards in computational research with a focus on quantum and AI applications. We are excited about working with Japanese entities and companies on new horizons with quantum computing.”

AIST’s NVIDIA-powered ABCI-Q will enable large-scale, high-fidelity quantum simulations and quantum-accelerated supercomputing for multi-industry research.

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“Installing QuEra’s cutting-edge technology alongside our existing computing infrastructure is a crucial step in Japan’s quantum initiatives,” said AIST deputy director Masahiro Horibe.

“This collaboration will enhance our computational capabilities and drive the development of practical applications in fields like AI, energy and biology.”

The ABCI-Q system is targeting research into quantum circuit simulation and quantum machine learning, building classical-quantum hybrid systems and developing algorithms inspired by quantum technology.

“The integration of quantum computers with GPU supercomputing is a key milestone to unlock the potential of quantum computing to accelerate scientific discovery,” said Nvidia director of high-performance computing and quantum computing Tim Costa.          

Referencing Nvidia’s CUDA-Q open-source platform for integrating and programming QPUs, GPUs and CPUs, Costa added: “QuEra’s system positioned alongside ABCI-Q and powered by CUDA-Q represents a pioneering leap forward in this regard, enabling the development of cutting edge hybrid applications and quantum research and development.”

This article was first publish in AI Business's sister publication Enter Quantum.

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