AI Business recently caught up with Andy Peart, CMO at Artificial Solutions.

Artificial Solutions is the only company specialising in Natural Language Interaction (NLI) for the enterprise. The company’s patented technology platform, Teneo, enables people to converse with applications and services running on computers, mobiles, wearables and other electronic devices in a human-like, intelligent manner. Teneo is deployed by hundreds of public and private sector organisations around the world, and used daily by millions of people.

Teneo also won the AIconics Award for Best Intelligent Assistant Innovation at The AI Summit in London.

As we look ahead to the second AI Summit in San Francisco on 28-29 September, we spoke to Andy to find out his thoughts on the importance of AI in the enterprise and the unique proposition that Teneo offers.

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Andy Peart of Artificial Solutions

We begin by discussing AI in the broad context of the modern enterprise. Andy explains why it is a critical technology:

“Every so often, technology comes along that ultimately disrupts the status quo and forces the enterprise market to sit up, take notice, and make changes. Often that disruption begins with a low buzz of consumer preference, which soon becomes a deafening roar. As consumers grow increasingly comfortable and expectant that technology should be a part of most everyday activities, they are seeking ways to interact with that technology more naturally and more effectively.

“Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Interaction (NLI) is designed to make our technology more human-like, opening doors to entirely new opportunities for business today to interact and build relationships with its customers”.


In fact, Andy speaks of AI in the context of major technological paradigm shifts:

Much like the website in 2000, or the mobile app in 2010, AI will soon become the de facto requirement for companies who want to compete for today’s finicky customer engagement.


So how is Artificial Solutions seeking to meet this demand and enabling enterprises to engage customers?

“We are the architects behind Teneo, the world’s only independent AI platform created exclusively for the enterprise. Teneo allows companies to create applications that interact with users in a natural and realistic way. For businesses, it delivers sophisticated capability without the need for extensive development effort and time, because Teneo automates many of the processes that make developing AI applications so resource-intensive.

“With Teneo, customers can talk to their technology just as if it was another human, and receive an intelligent response. Teneo remembers past conversations, and can change subject course without forgetting its original intent. It easily remembers a user’s preferences from one interaction to the next – an area where even most humans struggle!

“Teneo currently operates in 35 languages, and offers the largest body of natural language intelligence, built on the billions of human/machine conversations it has amassed over the last ten years”.


Of course, one particular strength of Teneo’s is that it is already in use, collecting data on millions of natural language conversations every year, across 26 countries. Large enterprises such as Vodafone, Shell, Telenor and DHL are using Teneo to significantly enhance their customer experience. But more impressively, Andy tells us that use cases for Teneo are “near limitless”:

“Each company has a unique culture and a different way of doing things. Teneo makes it possible to build AI experiences tailored to each of them, and even better, the platform’s sophistication and flexibility means organisations can define their own use cases and develop as many additional applications as they want without massive development teams or additional cost investment.

“One of Teneo’s great strengths lies in its data collection and the ability to analyse vast amounts of information based on conversational language. Companies can learn so much from customers simply by speaking to them, but there has rarely been an intelligent way to collect and use that data. We’ve worked to create a solution where the data is an invaluable part of the experience”.


 AI will soon become the de facto requirement for companies who want to compete for today’s finicky customer engagement


Data collection is one thing, and analysis is another, but how can companies use the data that Teneo-based applications create?

“Every single conversation a customer has with a Teneo-based application is automatically logged. Teneo then uses other AI techniques to automatically train itself to improve its performance, using the information in real-time to personalise the conversation, and then to better understand the mindset of the customer as never before.

“Teneo provides the tools to mine what is a huge treasure-trove of unstructured, first person, ‘voice of the customer’ data. It’s like being able to listen in on every sales assistant conversation and every customer support agent interaction, and understanding their intentions, actions and behaviours.

“What’s more, we don’t try and compete with our clients for their conversational data. Many of the tech giants that offer alternatives harvest the data in order to use the information for their own benefit. But we believe that it’s vital that companies own their data themselves. The data they collect can be used to optimise not just the immediate conversation, but also business processes, product trends and hidden growth opportunities”.


Stepping back from Artificial Solutions and Teneo, Andy considers what is on the horizon for AI in business – and what he is most excited about.

“We predict that in the next eighteen months, most customer-facing businesses that are looking to thrive in today’s digital transformation will utilise AI to engage customers with user-friendly, effective, natural language interfaces.

“In the longer term this will develop into a more complex ecosystem where different interfaces are able to interact with each other to provide a seamless experience for the customer. To do that, enterprises will need a technology that’s fast and easy to use, and simultaneously works across devices and operating systems, in any language – a vision where Teneo already delivers.

“I am excited to see this landscape unfold. The next 12-24 months promises to be a crucial time for AI, as the enterprise recognises its value and seeks to make it a larger part of their customer offering. A world in which our technology works smarter for us is an exciting world indeed!”


At The AI Summit in San Francisco on 28-29 September, Artificial Solutions’ CEO Lawrence Flynn will deliver his keynote entitled Surviving the AI Onslaught, where he will explore how enterprises can compete with the tech giants of the AI space.

The event will host the most successful AI software developers together with 600+ CxOs from the world’s leading enterprises. To find out more, visit:


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