Per Overgaard, executive director of Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group

Per Overgaard

Executive director of Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group, Lenovo

Per Overgaard is the executive director of Lenovo’s Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) in EMEA. He is responsible for Lenovo’s Data Center product portfolio and is the sales leader for high-performance computing (HPC), AI and next-wave hyperscale data centers. In this role, Per leads sales engagement and has consistently grown Lenovo’s ‘premium to market’ growth for the past years. 

Per leads, plans and launches ISG hardware and software offerings that put Lenovo at the forefront of innovation. He is also focused on forging strong relationships between the channel and customers and works closely with core alliance partners to build next-generation solutions and develop key platforms for organizations on their digital transformation journey.

He joined Lenovo in 2015 as part of the System X acquisition from IBM, bringing with him a deep understanding of the company’s ISG offerings. During his time at IBM, Per developed an extensive knowledge of large, complex solutions in a multi-OS environment which continues today. 

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