Getty, Runway Launch Enterprise Custom Video Generation Service

Stock image giant is working with Gen-2 makers to offer new customizable video generation model

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

December 5, 2023

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A camera next to logos from Runway and Getty Images. The two companies have teamed up to offer custom video generation for enterprises using AI.
New RGM service coming soon with companies able to enquire nowAI Business via Runway

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  • Getty and Runway team up to offer custom video generation for enterprises using AI.

Stock image giant Getty is teaming up with generative AI startup Runway to offer enterprise customers video generation services.

The partners are launching a new video model trained on Getty Images’ library of content. The model, dubbed RGM, will act as a baseline for enterprise customers to create custom systems to generate content.

Users can fine-tune the new model on their own datasets to generate desired outputs – with the pair eying up potential customers in the advertising and broadcasting spaces, as well as Hollywood studios being referenced in a blog post announcing the deal.

"This will unlock new commercial uses and new video products for companies, and we're looking forward to seeing the outputs,” said Runway CEO and co-founder, Cristóbal Valenzuela.

RGM will be available for commercial use in the coming months, however, companies can enquire about the service now.

Runway was part of the quartet that developed the image generator Stable Diffusion. The startup would go on to launch multimodal generative AI models including Gen-1 and Gen-2, while securing hundreds of millions of dollars from the likes of Google, Nvidia and Salesforce.

The startup is now working with a company that opted for a more cautious approach to generative AI. Unlike rivals Shutterstock and Adobe, Getty went for what it called a responsible approach – which began by banning AI images from its platform over potential legal issues.

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The stock image giant softened over time, including partnering with BRIA to create AI visual content tools before launching its own commercial image generation tool in September.

Dubbed Generative AI by Getty Images, the solution is trained solely on content from Getty’s library and is designed for customers to explore image generation with full protection and usage rights. Getty partnered with Nvidia to power the offering.

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