Slack Rolls Out New AI Productivity, Automation Tools

Slack AI's features include data extraction for status reports

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

September 6, 2023

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  • Slack announced new AI features like automated data summaries and improved search to help users collaborate more efficiently.

Slack, Salesforce’s enterprise messaging app, is getting new AI capabilities, including data extraction and automation tools.

Unveiled ahead of Salesforce’s Dreamforce event was Slack AI, a host of productivity tools built into the Slack app via a conversational interface.

One of these tools highlights data points on channels so users can draft status reports from project channels and extract key themes. Slack AI also includes summarization tools to get users up to speed on long conversations and an AI-powered search function to answer user queries on files and messages.

Slack announced new automation capabilities as well – including an improved version of Workflow Builder, which automates routine tasks like streamlining requests. Using the improved Workflow Builder, Slack users can now integrate multiple tools in a single workflow using a few clicks.

Workflow Builder can also be used to build and deploy custom Slack apps that integrate internal systems. Slack said it would take care of hosting, eliminating infrastructure overhead. Developers can even extend business logic from their custom apps to Workflow Builder.

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Also unveiled was Slack lists – a new tool allowing users to track, manage and triage work while in the flow of communication. Slack lists enable users to track new products or marketing campaigns as well as dependencies, and monitor the progress of new launches.

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Slack lists and Slack AI will be in pilot this winter, and generally available in 2024. The new Workflow Builder, meanwhile, is generally available now on paid plans and is subject to platform pricing.

Slack’s new AI updates follow its ChatGPT integration. Announced in May was Slack GPT, a conversational AI platform that let users summarize conversations and help with drafting messages.

Besides Slack, Salesforce has been doubling down on AI. Most recently, it launched Einstein Studio, which lets users build custom AI models by combining their data with preferred generative AI models such as Amazon SageMaker.

In June, it unveiled the AI Cloud to power open and real-time generative experiences across workflows.

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